Abstract and Paper Submission

Prospective authors of research contributions related to the mentioned topics and other fields of Cosmetic and Beauty are invited to submit abstracts in English for consideration by 10 November via website cbic.mfu.ac.th. Please note that one registration can submit only one abstract.

Authors must indicate the preference to submit:

  • Abstract only (poster, oral presentation or optional journals).
  • Full proceeding paper (poster or oral presentation)

Authors will be notified for the acceptance of the abstract by 15 November2022. The registration payment must be completed within 31 October 2022. The completed manuscripts can be submitted by 25 November 2022.

CBIC2022 has paper submission in 2 categories as follows:

  1. Proceedings of the conference
  2. Optional Journals: The authors can choose to submit the full manuscript to the following supporting journals.

Please note that submission to the optional journals will be processed by the authors through the journal peer-review process. The final decision for acceptance depends on the journal's editorial board. It must be acknowledged that “Part of this work was presented in abstract at the Cosmetic and Beauty International Conference 2022 (CBIC 2022)”.