Conference Information

The Cosmetic and Beauty International Conference 2022: Future of the Next Beauty (CBIC 2022) organized by the School of Cosmetic Science, Mae Fah Luang University, Thailand will reveal an unprecedented number of innovations and knowledge in Cosmetic & Beauty. This is the second time in Thailand that the convergence of Cosmetic and Beauty will take place as a form of the comprehensive and integrated scientific conference.

The conference will offer proactive top-quality learning, current research and knowledge in Cosmetic Science and Beauty Technology to meet the increasing demand for beauty, safety, efficacy and sustainability. It brings you the most advanced resources to formulate innovative products and keep abreast of industry trends. This conference also includes the latest developments from those in the forefront of Cosmetic and Beauty technology, excellent speakers; as well as demonstrations of the state-of-the-art machines & equipment. The research collaboration of cosmetic, beauty and related field researchers around the world will also be accelerated.

The core of the conference will conduct the latest Cosmetic and Beauty innovations through a combination of keynote sessions, oral and poster presentations delivered by the World’s leaders and innovators in the topics related to Future of the Next Beauty that will focus on:

  • Innovative healthy beauty and well-beingg. long COVID and well-being, new normal cosmetic, supplement for immune booster.
  • Hemp & Cannabis in cosmetic and wellness.
  • Cosmetic active ingredientsg. natural products, extraction, biological active ingredient, raw material, novel active ingredient, eco-friendly material.
  • Cosmetic formulationsg. formulation method, green process, novel technique, cosmeceuticals, fragrance and perfumery, spa products.
  • Efficacy and clinical trial testsg. standardized protocol, new model, instrument, safety issue.
  • Nanotechnology and Delivery systemsg. nanoencapsulation, nanomaterial, nanosized cosmetic, delivery system.
  • Beauty technology for wellnessg. beauty treatment, aromatherapy, phytonutrients & nutraceuticals, anti-obesity, weight & cellulite management, novel instruments for beauty and health, novel instrument, makeover, hair design.
  • Other related areasg. cosmetic survey, regulation, manufacturing and quality control, green and sustainable cosmetic